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Mental Illnesses (also called Mentals) are diseases that are usually hard to get rid of and give you Fun effects.

The most common causes are wearing low soak headgear, being a hungry Vampire, using Carrie or recloning as a Freak/Abomination.

There are only three cures for most: A good doctor, an Empath or death. Mentals become much harder to cure the longer someone is affected by them.

Mentals and You

Depending on how far the mental has progressed, it could be simple to remove, or a giant nightmare to do so. At the higher intensities, psychoanalyzing mental illnesses are the hardest medic skill checks available.

It helps if you are reclining on a comfortable piece of furniture when being psychoanalyzed. If you have enigma, you are so mysterious you can't even share your own inner mental workings, so you must rely on the rare Empath to help, they may be able to absorb your mentals for a fee.

If you need help, just politely ask on tradenet and someone would most likely be willing to assist, if not, maybe try to just enjoy the interesting perspective a mental illness gives you, sometimes they have some really neat effects.


From the moment that you contract a mental, it will continuously increase the amount of 'doses' you have. Think of it like the hunger meter.

Receiving psychoanalyze reduces the doses you have until they reach zero - then you'll finally be cured. A failed attempt will inflict stress, the worse the fail - the more stress inflicted. Failing things like Damnation or Dementia inflict 300+ stress.

Some mentals like paranoia, nyphomania and christianity are easy to cure even at full progression. The really fun stuff like damnation though? Either get it analyzed immediately or prepare to reclone.

List Of Mental Illnesses

Name Message Cause Effect
Christianity You feel as if your sins were washed in the blood of the Lamb.

You're saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Reading a bible, looking at one of the Jesus pictures or just hanging around them for long enough. You have an increased chance of going to heaven when you die. Masturbating and having sex stresses you and makes you cry. You will also gain a descriptive line stating that you are an asshole.
Depression The cry emote may cause depression. -1 to all stats.
Republicanism You know what? Fuck poor people and minorities. What did they ever do for you? Wearing a MAGA hat, a few other things. Being around destitute darkies and filthy hippies REALLY pisses you off. You might exercise your GOD GIVEN RIGHT to shoot people less wealthy than you.  Debuffs Brains and Science.
Liberalism You feel like you understand everyone's world view now. Peace seems like a great idea.

Hmm... you never thought about it before but affirmative action seems like a great idea.

Other people will notice that you haven't showered in weeks and reek of patchouli. Buffs Cool and Bombs.
Damnation You feel something dark scratching at your soul. Attempting to scam Jesus. 500 stress per heartbeat. Spawns new mentals. Absurdly hard to cure.
Paranoia You realize THEY are out to get you!

It occurs to you that the mayor must secretly be a chomologist.

You're feeling watched.

Someone is after you.

Your enemies are everywhere.

You're the target of a vast conspiracy.

The whole world is out to get you.

Wearing a tinfoil hat. Large hit to Focus, +1 Senses, -2 Cool. Progresses slowly but steadily. Very spammy, almost as bad as dependent personality.
ADHD Playing with a fidget spinner. Debuffs your Focus, Senses, Cool and Fuck, keeps you from sitting or reclining in place for very long. Buffs your Reflexes by +1.
Asperger's It occurs to you that other people's feelings don't really exist. Wearing a fedora, getting hit with a spergnade. Gives you a text filter and renders you unable to emote properly. Buffs Craft and Brains. Debuffs Focus, Medic, Persuade and Senses.
Ailurophobia You get stressed when around cats and players with Cat Ears.
Postpartum Depression Things just don't seem right for some reason. Female players might contract this after giving birth. No documented effect.
Megalomania No documented effect.
Delusions of Grandeur Hey, you're actually pretty good at... well, everything! Makes you brag random, incorrect things. Has a chance to buff Cool and/or nerf Reflexes, Senses, Brains and Dodge.
Dependent Personality YOU MUST HAVE MORE DONGS AROUND YOU Stress when not being around other people. Spammy lines of "YOU MUST HAVE MORE DONGS AROUND YOU".
Antisocial Personality Suddenly... you just don't feel like being in a crowd anymore.

All these people around you... why can't you just be left alone?

The opposite of dependent personality - being around other people stresses you.
Kleptomania You catch yourself reaching for <item>. You'll grab random items from the room you're in. Very annoying.
Hypochondria You feel odd, in a bad way... maybe you are sick? Better get to a doctor. You'll suffer from fake diseases and stress. Buffs Medic, debuffs Cool.
Munchhausen Syndrome These people won't pay any attention to you! Maybe if you pretended to be sick... Similar to Hypochondia - but you'll annoy the hell out of other players with it too. Buffs Medic, debuffs Cool.
Claustrophobia You feel like the walls are closing in on you. Spending time inside the broom closet. Constant stress gain while indoors.
Nymphomania The Goo Fountain in Hellfire Randomly doses you with the Rapinex drug, causing you to take off your clothes and prematurely dissipating your endorphins. The benefit to this is it means you can whore more often, if that's your thing. A downside is that you end up getting stressed if you go too long without sexual contact.
Arachnophobia Stress and fear around arachnos, cave spiders, etc.
Bulimia You suddenly realize... you are a fat pig. Nobody could ever love a hambeast such as you.

You are saddened by your gross body proportions.

When you're full from eating food, you'll get stressed out until you throw up (and have a chance to vomit). Debuffs Cool and Endurance.

Adds 'You feel like a fat pig.' to your status line.

Voices in your Head Admins use this to punish people. Causes you to see various nets that aren't really there. Can be very annoying at times. No other documented effect.
Narcolepsy No documented effect.
Robot Enlightenment In one powerful moment of realization, it's as if the world of machines has been laid bare before you. The circuits, gears, wires, all of it; they seem at once a testament to the perfection of utility and a holy reminder of the power of the human intellect. Unknown. Very hard to diagnose.
Satanist Dementia You feel a sudden urge to wrap your hands around something, anything, and squeeze until it breaks.

Your mind is filled with horrible visions of death and suffering.

You are suddenly struck by mind-crushing despair as you realize how blind you have been, all along.

Unknown. Rumored to be drinking Satanist blood, but tests were unfruitful. -1 Senses, and probably progressively gets worse. Makes curing Damnation look like a walk in the park, with instant failures at 50 medic total.
Schizophrenia Your perception of reality shifts slightly.

The world is so fucked up... what the hell is going on?

Illusions of any random online player (including yourself!) appearing in your tile and attacking you. Check tac, it's all in your head. Also illusions of grenades flying into your tile sometimes. Minor stress every heartbeat. Debuff to Brains and Senses.
Bipolar Disorder No apparent effects. Very hard to diagnose.
Insomnia No documented effect.
Delusions of Persecution You glance around nervously, certain you hear the cops coming.

The MAN is out to get you!

You'll receive random Stars, cams will start tracking you and security will chase you down. It's all in your head.

Probably the funniest mental to witness, watch your corpmates freak out over OH GOD POLICE CHASING ME EVERYWHERE.

Zalgo Clones / Ripperscrubs in Weezer Village. As with all disease it can be granted by the admins and gods. It spreads from player to player who occupy the same square like a plague. You scream 'HE COMES! HE COMEEES!' and eventually you start bleeding from eyes and taking damage. Final result of all of this is horrible anguish and death. You are also contagious to other players.

You can cure it by converting to Christianity, done by reading or hearing someone read a bible at you. The bible and be acquired from Father Sam who wanders the areas around Freedom City.

Saurophobia You get stressed when around anything with scales. This means dinosaurs and people with Snakeskin.
Imaginary Death Syndrome You'll die over and over again. It's all in your head.
Tourette's Syndrome You can't PISS! stop yelling CUNTCLOWN! things.
Photophobia Being exposed to daylight stresses the hell out of you. Similar to what Chud players have to suffer through.
Hydrophobia Water and liquid decals stress you.
Neophobia You get stressed out by being around goddamn newbies.
Xenophobia Okay... it's okay... just breathe. Fuck DAMN you are agitated.

Shit! There's a damn GANG of outsiders closing in on you. You'd better watch your back, you can't trust these assholes.

Being around strangers makes you nervous as hell.
Alzheimers Being really old, around 65+ years. -2 Brains. This is a cumulative effect the more you age with records as high as -10. Suffer well.

Consuming age reversing drugs until you're no longer old and wrinkly. Empath soothe also temporary removes it.

PTSD Makes your teeth rattle and makes you say things like "Fuck this shit." randomly.
Agoraphobia 200+ stress per heartbeat when you're on a tile with other people.