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When grinding IP, the lower your total skill value is, the quicker you will earn IP for said skill. Entirely separate from this, lower skill values also mean that it's easier to find challenges that are difficult enough to be a valuable grind.

According to admins, allegedly, there is code that tallies up all of one's buffs from drugs and clothing, and checks if the resulting skill buffs end up negative; if they do, it applies this as a compensatory factor to IP gain, so that debuffing oneself for the sake of grinding shouldn't work. It is still up in the air whether this code actually works, though, and until there is further data on the matter, here is a list of debuffs:

  • Crying, bugshit and radiation are a good debuff for most main stats.
Brawn Hunger, broken limbs.
Brains Horny, brain damage, frenzy.
Cool Remove @describe me as, horny.
Senses Wearing earplugs, wearing an eyepatch.
Reflexes Being full, weed.
Endurance Hungry, weed, nicotine.

Debuff numbers and effects

Name Max stat debuff Other max debuff Other effects
Heat -4 Brn/Col/Sen -5 melee/-10 gun Tohit (when on fire) Slows down movement and causes damage. Wearing dishdashas/keffiyehs, being covered in antifreeze vomit and drinking lots of water/soda helps.
Chill -4 Brn/Ref, -3 End, -2 Sen --- Slows down movement and causes damage. Wearing warm clothes and consuming hot drinks/spicy food helps.
Chill (Chiller) -5 Brw/Ref/End --- Exclusive to Chiller. Deals damage and takes a REALLY long time to wear off (easily an IRL hour at max stacks). On top of that, victims get hit with the regular "Chill" debuff.

Sitting in a hot tub while sipping hot chocolate and eating hot wings helps a little.

Stress -8 Brn -4 Dodge, -6 focus, -4 melee/-8 gun Tohit At 350+ stress, might make you attack others or commit suicide.
Shock -15 Brn -10 dodge, -15 focus, -2.5 melee/-5 gun Tohit When shocked, you become feint immune and have to pass an Endurance check to move to another tile. Resisted with opiates.
Fear -4 Col/Sen, -3 Ref (needs testing) ? Can make you run into adjacent tiles and pee yourself. Resisted with alcohol.
Hunger ? ? High hunger causes damage; Zombies are exempt from this. Quickly increases when you use the Flight mutation.
Thirst -3 Brw/End/Ref --- High thirst causes damage. Increases more quickly when hiking through the desert.
Radiation -6 End, -4 Brw/Col/Sen, -2 Ref -? Focus Causes nausea, damage and rad mutations. Prevented by popping a rad-Q pill or wearing gear like radsuits. Rads can take ages to wear off. At a certain threshold, has a chance to give you one or more radiation mutations, which will instantly cleanse a portion of your rads.
Crying -6 Col/Ref/Sen, -3 Brn/Sen ? Easily self-applied with cry.
Shame -4 Col, -2 Brn ? The consequence of pissing oneself in front of everyone. Thus, difficult to stack with thirst.


When done grinding IP, after a RAW score of 6, you’ll need to grind XP to gain any further RAW levels for that skill. Grinding XP usually includes killing things, crafting, etc. To make this easier, players usually “buff”, or temporarily raise, their stats. This makes whatever XP grinding task slightly easier to accomplish.

Brawn Drunk, horny, frenzy, stimutac, beef juice boxes.
Brains Catfish, caffeine.
Cool Bling, nicotine.
Senses Caffeine, peyote, horny
Reflexes Cocaine, crank, speed.
Endurance Crank.


There are some equipment that gives bonuses when worn or held.

Lab coat +2 science Bought in botany bay.
Carapace-lined scrubs +2 science On a certain juicer.
Polycarbonate goggles +1 science Max out the ghostbuster job.
Doctor's Mirror +2 medic Max out the medic job.
Repairman's toolbox +2 repair Bought in Freedom City.
Rubber yellow gloves +2 repair Max out the utility worker job.
Welder's mask +2 repair Was purchasable in Dope Jacks.
Aviator goggles +1 pilot Bought in Corpclave.
Excavation utility helmet +2 scavenge Journal reward, go boat places.
Belt bag +2 scavenge Max out the Miner job.
Functional metal detector +1 scavange Was purchasable in Dope Jacks.