Dreams Of Before Map

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  01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15
A ++ ^^
B ++ || ^^
C ++ PL || ^^
D ++ AJ == ## [] ^^
E [] :: == ## || [^ ]  ^^
F ++ .' [] ^^
G ++ |- ^^ ^^
H ++ ^^
I ++ ^^


  • B09: Can't go here (too far from home)
  • C08: Public Library (scout manual [Track], UNIX book [Hack], Paradise Lost book [Teach])
  • C08: (down) City Emergency Shelter (you can continue to the next dream here, Playboy magazine [fetish points in women], Playgirl magazine [fetish points in men])
  • C09: Fourth Avenue (nothing)
  • D06: Abandoned Junction (socket wrench [Repair])
  • D06: (down) Junction Storage (you can continue to the next dream here)
  • D08: High Street (nothing)
  • D09: Corner of Fourth & High (nothing)
  • D10: Mom and Dad's Room (search E10 to get here, fireproof lockbox [Locksmith], Dale Carnegie book [Persuade])
  • E05: Abandoned Boxcar (brass Zippo lighter [Torture], pocketknife [Blades])
  • E06: By the Train Tracks (nothing)
  • E07: Gravel Alley (nothing)
  • E08: Vacant Lot (you start here, baseball bat [Clubs])
  • E09: Sunny Sidewalk (copy of the City Times [Appraise])
  • E10: Your Suburban Living Room (nothing)
  • E11: Suburban Bathroom (first aid kit in medicine cabinet [Medic], tube of glue in medicine cabinet [Craft])
  • E10: (up) Your Room (glass beaker [Science], chemistry set [Chemistry], bicycle helmet [Ride], luchador mask in toy chest [Wrestle], batch of firecrackers in toy chest [Bombs], Lil' Indy leather bullwhip in toy chest [Whips], toy airplane in toy chest [Pilot], BB pistol in toy chest [Pistols], Red Ryder cowboy carbine in toy chest [Rifles], pistol holster in toy chest [Quickdraw])
  • E10: (up, up [search E10 up to get here]) Attic (ninja mask [Sneak], pair of panties [Fuck])
  • F09: Dead End (broken shower curtain rod [Spears])
  • F10: Your Sideyard (nothing)
  • F10: (in) Spot's doghouse (chewed-up baseball [Throw])
  • G10: Down By The River (Junior Fisherman Fishing Pole [Fish])
  • G10: (climb up) Top of the Tall Tree (bird's nest [Climb])
  • G11: In the River (pair of swimming goggles [Swim], pair of inflatable boxing gloves [Fists])
  • G11: (down, underwater) Bottom of the River (you can continue to the next dream here, metal detector [Scavenge])