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Journals are a collection of unique xp awards that players can earn during their playtime that usually grants them xp and sometimes a unique one-time reward. Journals also include achievements, unique kills, kudos, and travels.

The beneath list is not complete, however a few can be seen here.


1500 missile commander    Launched the Colossus missile. You inhuman bastard.
1000 chud genocide        Murdered every chud in the sewers.
1000 ronin                Got the case out of W-U for Slim.
800  Colony Conqueror     Her reign of terror comes to an end.
800  Edith's dolly        Returned Edith's dolly to her.
750  Deforester           The forces of pollution have nothing on the likes of you!
650  oil baron            Refined and sold some gasoline from the refinery.
650  turing award         10 PRINT 'UR GAY' 20 GOTO 10
600  liberator            Reunited the peasant sisters in botany bay.
600  matter compiler      Used the ancient matter compiler to make valuable metals.
600  redneck nuker        yeehaa! kablooey!
500  brundlechud          Genetically engineered the horrific BrundleChud.
500  crack bomber         Terror-bombed the crack mansion.
500  electrical engineer  Restored power to the Slagtown subway station.
500  gun dealer           Got an invite to 77Jack's arms dealership.
500  sealab flooder       Killed the deep one abomination, and flooded the sealab.
500  shoggoth tunnels     Found your way down into the shoggoth tunnels.
500  UFO Mechanic         Fixed the crashed UFO at the crater rim.
450  null's salvation     Destroyed all the Shoggoth spawn for Null.
400  hellboy              Killed the Hellboy and took his gun.
400  nodachi              Got the lotus nodachi on Kakuri island.
400  siege survivor       Survived the assault on Precinct 13.
350  baby farmer          Sacrificed your firstborn to the shoggoth.
350  drug dealer          First one's free, kid!
350  egg harvest          Killed the bug queen for her eggs.
300  Belding              Killed the leader of the karnivores and took his jacket.
300  buddha on the road   Met buddha on the road.  Killed him.
300  Reactionary Violence Put an end to the permanent revolution
250  cousteau             Explored the abandoned sealab.
200  apotheosis           Discovered the Juicer clan "God".
200  belly of the beast   Wading through a horde of the undead.
200  furnace              Found the hidden passage in the orphanage furnace.
175  agnes' secret        Blackmailed Sister Agnes with her nasty secret in the basement.
150  charnold             Hunted down and killed the Charnold.
150  intern               Landed a desk job at Weyland-Utani.
150  neurosurgeon         It ain't rocket science.
150  orphan hunter        Killed a hundred diseased orphans for the Gein Foundation.
125  As Above             Took in the view at the top of the AXON radio antenna.
100  Bungle Tungler       Did the unthinkable and impossible - tungled the bungle.
100  demon killer         Killed an agent of satan for Prchr.
100  fishkeeper           Kept sea creatures imprisoned in your apartment for fun.
100  hostage              Took a hostage at gunpoint.
100  moonshiner           Hooked Care Dog up with some moonshine.
50   dreams of before     Was it all just a dream?
50   munitions supply     Supplied with munitions by Null.


600  satanist!            Made a reputation for flamboyant evil.
500  mad scientist!       Made a reputation as a mad scientist.
500  mount fisty          Climbed treacherous Mount Fisty. Go you!
450  crime boss!          Made a reputation as a hardcore criminal.
400  gruesome             Killed a grue in a gruesome way.
300  racketeer            Offered 'protection' to a local business.
250  bounty hunter        Iced ten bounty targets for Fat Ratzo.
250  geocacher            Found ten geocaches.
250  Killed Kalt          Killed Sky Commisar Kalt. Damn.
200  celebrity            Signed some memorabilia for your biggest fan.
200  ghostbuster          You are seriously not afraid of no ghost.
200  Killed Delacroix     Killed Sky Captain Delacroix.
200  raising shell        The terror of North Beach!
150  con artist           Talked a citizen out of some money.
150  high roller          Gambled your way to high-roller status.
150  hobbyist             Spent your time collecting a bunch of momentos.
120  Killed Charl         Killed Sky Raider Charl.
120  Killed Dolora        Killed Sky Raider Dolora.
100  cop killer           Offed a cop.  You hard mothafucka you.
100  curly moustache      oh he's so pringles
100  finish him!          Executed fifty fatalities.
100  fisherman            Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.
100  master's blade       disciplined the foolish
100  thuggin              Jacked some poor clone for his credit.
100  vampire slayer       Sent a bloodsucker back to Hell.
75   sky pirate           stole an aircraft and sold it for scrap
69   minge binge!         What a nice smelling nice smell.
50   bad dream            Fucked your own dad in a dream.  What the hell, man?
50   breeder              The miracle of childbirth!
50   date rape            Made sweet love to that special passed-out something.
50   first responder      You're not allowed to die 'til I let you.
50   fonzie               You restarted the jukebox in the bar. You're so goddamn cool.
50   over the top         Won an arm-wrestling match.
50   prank caller         Inquired as to the whereabouts of a certain Heywood Jablome.
50   soylent feast        Nothing beats the home made stuff!
50   the serenest         Won a staring contest.
25   beefalo tipper       Had some fun at the beefalo's expense.  You jackass.
25   bum a smoke          Bummed a smoke to a chobo.  You mensch!
25   david motari         That was mean.
20   conet                Intercepted the conch shell transmission.
10   kitten killer        Didn't think of the kittens, wanker.
9    penectomy            Hope it was worth it.
5    macgyver             It's a little recipe I use in emergencies.
1    baby killer          Terminated an inconvenient pregnancy.
1    cherry popper        Devirginized someone.
1    etiquette            learned in the way of ETIQUETTE
1    feeding tube         Did it Terri Schiavo-style.
1    golden shower        Watering for sport.
1    James Kopp           Saved the unborn by murdering a doctor.
1    led balloon          OH THE HUMANITY! (Destroyed the Das Kochenhammer)
1    medic                Made a living helping the ill and disabled.
1    Nazkar               Sharpton Projects - Ghosts in Apartment 204
1    potty trained        You peed in the potty!  Good baby!
1    scam artist          Made a living scamming people out of their credit.
1    the clap             Contracted an unfortunate social disease.
1    utility worker       Made a living repairing the city's utilities.
1    veteran ghostbuster  Made a living busting ghosts.
1    whore                Sold your body to the night.  ROXANNE!


400  chopped a treeman    Tore down a treeman. TIMBER!
400  crushed a giant ant  It feels good to have one foot on top.
400  defeated a giant ant Overpowered the ant queen's guards.
400  dispatched a mutant  Found a mutant firefighter and dispatched it.
400  dispatched a sky pir Drachma would be proud.
400  executed a gulfhound Found a gulfhound and executed it.
400  junked a junker      Worth five cents at your local recycling center!
400  killed a master vamp You don't belong in this world!
400  killed an apex basil Found an apex basilisk and killed it.
400  murdered a karnivore FUKKED WIT DA KARNOVORES
400  murdered an ice yeti Found an ice yeti and murdered it.
400  neutralized a mutant Found a mutant footballer and neutralized it.
400  neutralized a sky pi Found a sky pirate commissar and dusted them.
400  neutralized a sky pi He was no Vyse.
400  offed a jigsurgeon   Found a jigsurgeon and offed it.
400  offed a mold boss    Found a mold boss and offed it.
400  offed a nullianac    Found a nullianac and offed it.
400  slaughtered a large  Mega Sore-Ass
400  slaughtered a raider Found a raider boss and slaughtered it.
400  slew a karnivore sen Found a karnivore senior and slew it.
400  slew a mutant bootle Found a mutant bootlegger and slew it.
400  slew a rock turtle   Cowabunga!
400  slew an ashbeast     Found an ashbeast and slew it.
400  smashed a silicate t From life to loess.
400  wasted an antopotamu Found an antopotamus and wasted it.
384  neutralized a mold b Found a mold beast and neutralized it.
352  offed a grindroid    Found a grindroid and offed it.
336  slaughtered a toxic  Found a toxic freak and slaughtered it.
320  executed a blue scre Found a blue screamer and executed it.
320  killed a grizzly     Found a grizzly and killed it.
320  offed an enforcer dr Found an enforcer droid and offed it.
320  wasted a glass tree  Found a glass tree and wasted it.
304  slew a 108 dragon th Found a 108 dragon thug and slew it.
300  killed a basilisk    Monster.
300  slew a tentacle rape In porn, this would be impossible before it had its way with you.
280  slaughtered a monstr Found a monstrosity and slaughtered it.
264  murdered a deep one  Dagon will not be pleased with you.
240  dispatched a rock le Found a rock leech and dispatched it.
240  executed an adolesce Found an adolescent dino and executed it.
240  slaughtered a freak  Found a freak citizen and slaughtered it.
240  slaughtered an invad Found an invading rock leech and slaughtered it.
240  wasted a boomer zomb Found a boomer zombie and wasted it.
224  dispatched a suicide Found a suicide bomber and dispatched it.
224  wasted a phagelab zo You're fighting for your life inside a thriller, thriller
220  dispatched a satanist nun
208  executed a hepcat    So hip, daddy-o.
208  slew a shoggoth spaw Found a shoggoth spawn and slew it.
200  neutralized an arach Found an arachno and neutralized it.
192  killed a necropolis  Found a necropolis zombie and killed it.
176  executed a crocodile Found a crocodile and executed it.
176  slaughtered a yeti   Found a yeti and slaughtered it.
168  offed a lobstrosity  You're gonna need a LOT of butter.
160  executed a FCEF rook Found a FCEF rookie and executed it.
160  murdered a giant cav AHHHHH FUCK I HATE SPIDERS
160  neutralized a spamme Your quest for perfect hair must go on.
160  offed a bleachrat    Found a bleachrat and offed it.
160  slew a nippo-knight  Actually, the term would be 'Samurai'.
160  snuffed a crackfiend Found a crackfiend and snuffed it.
144  dispatched a mime    Found a mime and dispatched it.
144  slaughtered an armor Found an armordillo and slaughtered it.
120  executed a zombie    'Cuz it's a thriller, thriller night...
120  killed a mall zombie Found a mall zombie and killed it.
120  murdered a racist    I'll getcha neegras!
120  murdered an alligato Found an alligator and murdered it.
112  offed a redneck      It puts the lotion on its skin.
104  banished a poltergei An invisible man, sleeping in your bed
104  murdered a nippoinit Found a nippoinitiate and murdered it.
96   dispatched a chuman  Found a chuman guard and dispatched it.
96   executed a bully     Found a bully and executed it.
96   murdered a tusker    Don't forget to save the dick. It'll make a good hotdog.
96   offed a porcuswine   Found a porcuswine and offed it.
96   slaughtered a chobo  No sigrits for him!
96   slew a crackhead     I just wanted a rock...
96   wasted a red chud    It's like a chud. Only red.
80   executed a nipposerv Found a nipposervulant and executed it.
80   killed a cave chukka Found a cave chukka and killed it.
80   killed a chud        Found a chud and killed it.
80   murdered a caiman    Found a caiman and murdered it.
80   offed a nerdling     Found a nerdling and offed it.
80   slaughtered a pregna Found a pregnant teenager and slaughtered it.
80   slew a babymomma     You dun tuk her bebby away!
72   dispatched an otaku  WWWRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYY!?
72   offed a beefalo      Mmmmm.... ribwich.
72   offed a gangland cit Found a gangland citizen and offed it.
72   slaughtered a cave b Found a cave bandit and slaughtered it.
72   slew an ITLAPD pirat Sent an ITLAPD pirate to Davy Jones' Locker.
72   snuffed a mutant sha Jawsome!
72   wasted an assaulting Found an assaulting gangland citizen and wasted it.
64   dispatched a sea chu Beware the wrath of Grath!
64   neutralized a chukka Found a chukka and neutralized it.
64   snuffed a scumbag    Found a scumbag and snuffed it.
64   wasted a bat         That guy was driving me bananas. What? Why are you looking at me like that?
56   neutralized a chobo  Found a chobo (sharpton) and neutralized it.
56   wasted a radscorpion Found a radscorpion and wasted it.
50   slew an ant larva    Eliminating the brood one hatchling at a time.
48   destroyed a Necropol Found a DeadBot in the Necropolis and executed it.
48   neutralized a giant  Found a giant rat and neutralized it.
48   offed a neo-vicky    Found a neo-vicky and offed it.
48   offed an orphan      -agnes fuck you
48   slew a slagtown monk Who is the alpha male now?
40   executed a player em Found a player emulating monster and executed it.
40   executed a yacatisma Found a yacatisma cultist and executed it.
40   killed a chicken     Found a chicken and killed it.
40   murdered a chuman    Found a chuman and murdered it.
40   murdered a necropoli Found a necropolis spectre and murdered it.
40   offed a wild dog     Q: What did the dog call his father? A: His paw!!!
40   slaughtered a sentry Found a sentry droid and slaughtered it.
40   snuffed a cave spide Found a cave spider and snuffed it.
40   snuffed a truck stop Q: What is more amazing than a talking dog? A: A spelling Bee!!!!
32   dispatched a ghost   Who ya gonna call?
32   neutralized a stoner 420 KILL POTHEADS EVERY DAY
32   offed a mountain pas Found a mountain pass bandit and offed it.
24   dispatched a clown   What am I, a clown to you? Am I here for your amusement?
24   dispatched a consume There's just no joke funny enough.
24   dispatched a juicer  Made juice out of a juicer.
24   dispatched a molegul Found a molegull and dispatched it.
24   dispatched a mountai Found a mountain ram and dispatched it.
24   euthanized an old fa Found an old man and murdered it.
24   killed a chestburste Get away from her, you bitch!
24   killed a crack baby  Found a crack baby and killed it.
24   killed a human monst Found a human monster and killed it.
24   murdered a carnie    Found a carnie and murdered it.
24   neutralized a gateke Found a gatekeeper and neutralized it.
24   neutralized a lusken Found a luskentryan adult and neutralized it.
24   neutralized a rattle Found a rattlesnake and neutralized it.
24   neutralized a small  He just wanted to dress up like one of the three musketeers!
24   neutralized a vampir You can't fight the Thirst forever.
24   neutralized an escap Killbot found him.
24   slaughtered a hentai How can you say you love her if you can't even eat her poop?
24   slew a cave slug     Managed to kill one of them...
24   slew a sewer beetle  Found a sewer beetle and slew it.
24   snuffed a satanist   Found a satanist and snuffed it.
24   wasted a crazy preac Found a crazy preacher and wasted it.
24   wasted a lammergier  Found a lammergier and wasted it.
16   murdered a bunny     Found a bunny and murdered it.
16   slaughtered a citize But... his stuff.
8    murdered a kitten    You wanker.


0    balance in all thing Gave a good suggestion on balance. Thanks!
0    ruptured             Ruptured the very fabric of the world. Way to go!


200  boarded the Das Kochenhammer
150  found the necropolis gate
125  found stormfront island
125  went to hell
100  climbed on mount fisty
100  discovered the dragon hideout
100  found the adamant canyon west
100  found the necropolis 'el'
100  visited the refinery
75   discovered botany bay
75   discovered Fry's
75   discovered kakuri monastery 1st floor
75   discovered phil's diner
75   discovered the ashen valley
75   discovered the bradbury basement
75   discovered the canyon's depths
75   discovered the colossus silo
75   discovered the luskentryan mansion
75   discovered the mountainside
75   discovered the necropolis floodplain
75   discovered the nukem academy
75   discovered the sub-sewers
75   discovered the toxic dump
75   discovered the watery fissure
75   explored Edith's house
75   explored spaceorg HQ
75   explored the abandoned highway
75   explored the adamant canyon east
75   explored the berkeley psychic institute
75   explored the camp carcinoma
75   explored the carcinoma sewers
75   explored the LB3
75   explored the Lurleen estates
75   explored the luskentyre plateau
75   explored the maze
75   explored the sealab
75   explored the sharpton projects - exterior
75   explored the southern necropolis
75   explored the takotech ruins
75   explored the wasteland
75   explored the weezer village
75   explored warehouse
75   explored Weyland-utani building
75   found devil's towers
75   found kakuri island
75   found kakuri monastery, basement
75   found new clearwater
75   found sharpton interior
75   found the aphotic grotto
75   found the chemical plant
75   found the country road
75   found the decrepit farmhouse
75   found the foggy clearing
75   found the forest trail
75   found the gulf of stockton
75   found the Jungle Hideout
75   found the mountain pass
75   found the necropolis' heart
75   found the rodger young
75   found the tortuga island
75   found the underground mine
75   found weezer dam
75   investigated diablo seco
75   landed at macero
75   reached Coventry island
75   reached glowstiller
75   reached lanyard court fire station
75   reached the crashed C130V
75   reached the death adder ravine
75   reached the ocean cliffs
75   reached the pitcairn island
75   reached the screamer base
75   reached the screaming chasm
75   reached the sea of dunes
75   reached the star field
75   visited 990 lambda way
75   visited Axon Broadcasting Station
75   visited birchwood
75   visited haaskel dormitory
75   visited maas-neotek
75   visited our dear lady of lust
75   visited remote church
75   visited the acres
75   visited the Beneath Tortuga
75   visited the cave complex
75   visited the crater forest
75   visited the dam interior
75   visited the exxon valdez
75   visited the glass mesa
75   visited the hellbore
75   visited the labyrinth
75   visited the mall
75   visited the new clearwater sewer system
75   visited the north beach
75   visited the open prairie
75   visited the sewers
75   visited the subterranean colony
75   visited the subway tunnels
75   visited the underground jerkway
75   visited the underground river
75   visited the village of lurleen
75   visited vault 4
60   discovered the crater rim
50   found st God's memorial hospital
50   visited final rest home
50   visited gangland
50   visited the shoreline
25   discovered the bombed-out building