Reform Church of Satan

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The Reform Church of Satan is a zone with three floors in north-west Freedom City, on San Pablo Ave 100. It is rarely visited except for its red chalk drop and a kill journal. It also acts as connector for the Our Dear Lady of Lust zone, which is also rarely visited.


  • 88Anton is here. He can direct you on to Brother Zakk if you meet certain requirements.
  • Brother Zakk is in the Sunday School. He's supposed to assign a quest, but the quest is broken and unfinished, so he's largely pointless.
  • Cultists wander the ground floor and basement. They can feint and pow, and are worth $100 each on the Atheist Enforcer contract. They drop poor XP and no items of note, but are not to be confused with the cultists of a certain other zone; the two have separate kill journals.
  • The Left is here, a gaggle of hippies who will inform you of the evils of conservatism if correctly provoked (try examine).


  • An ebony cabinet is in the Vestry; a respawning source of three red chalks, which are used in the creation of high-end gun ammo as well as the completion of an achievement.
  • A chalkboard is in the basement.